AMECIII Trading Agents' Tournament






Call for Participation

Because on-line auctions form an important area for agent-mediated electronic commerce, the Agent-mediated Electronic Commerce workshop has devoted eparate track to this topic. Building upon the success of the fishmarket tournaments, this year the Agent-mediated Electronic Commerce workshop is to host in Barcelona a fishmarket tournament organized by the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and iSOCO, Intelligent Software Components, S.A, and hosted by the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). The reckless participants will be developing their trading agents endowed with intelligent auction strategies to compete to have the great honour of becoming the winner of the first international fishmarket tournament. For this purpose, they will make use of FM 100 the new version of FM, a test-bed for electronic auction markets developed at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (previous tournaments were hosted by FM 0.9 , the first, early version of FM).

Tournament definition. Specification of the trading scenario to be faced by contendants. A trading scenario will involve a collection of explicit parameters that characterize an artificial market. Such parameters define the bidding conditions (timing restrictions, increment/decrement steps, publicly available information, etc), the way goods are identified and brought into the market, the resources buyers may have available, and the conventions under which trading agentsare going to be evaluated.

Related information

FM, the software to host the AMEC tournament, is the result of the Fishmarket project, a four-year project conducted at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute involving a large number of researchers and students. Do you want to know more about the Fishmarket project? Perhaps you would like to go through the Fishmarket project web page. There, you can visit an actual fish market, download the project's publications or find more information about its team members.
Updated: May, 29th 2000