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The FM Software Packages

FM100 is divided into two packages, namely the core package and the user package. The core package is the basic package and needs to be present in any FM installation. Multiple users can use the same core package in order to run FM. For this purpose they must previously install the user package. Therefore, you will be required to have both packages installed although the core package might be installed by your system manager and shared by multiple users, each one counting on his own installation of the user package.

Download FM100core (.tar.gz)

Download FM100user (.tar.gz)

Software Requirements

In order to successfully install FM you need at least to install JDK 1.1.7 and Swing 1.0.3. The rest of software packages are only required forf additional functionality. Please refer to the README file in the basic core package to determine whether you require any of the additional packages below.

JDK1.1.7 (Solaris)

JDK1.1.7 (Linux)

Swing 1.0.3 (JFC 1.1) or alternatively from here


MySQL JDBC or alternatively from here

XMySQL or alternatively from here (.tar.gz) or here (rpm).

GNUplot or just from here.
Updated: March, 20th 2000