Publications and Reports on Case-based Reasoning

This page summarizes CBR-related papers published by IIIA people; other pages offer a complete list of Publications and of Reports.



 Introducing CBR

 Agnar Aamodt, Enric Plaza (1994); Case-Based Reasoning: Foundational Issues, Methodological Variations, and System Approaches AICom - Artificial Intelligence Communications, IOS Press, Vol. 7: 1, pp. 39-59.

 Overview of CBR

 R. López de Mántaras, E. Plaza (1997); Case-Based Reasonig : An Overview. AI Communications, IOS Press. Vol. 10 : 1, pp. 21-29

 Our first stuff in CBR

 E. Plaza, R. López de Mántaras (1990); A Case-Based Apprentice that Learns from Fuzzy Examples. (Z. Ras et al., Eds.) Methodologies for Intelligent Systems 5, North-Holland, pp. 420-427.


 Retrieval for structured cases

 Similtude terms: a machanism for dealing with symbolic similarity in complex and structured cases

  E. Plaza, R. López de Mántaras, E. Armengol (1996); On the Importance of Similitude: An Entropy-based Assessment. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Springer, num. 1168, pp. 324-338. [Gzipped PDF document]

 E. Plaza (1995); Cases as terms: A feature term approach to the structured representation of cases. Lecture Notes in Artficial Intelligence. Springer. num. 1010, pp. 265-276. [Compressed PS document]

 Perspectives are a declarative bias mechanism for retrieving complex cases by extracting "views" from episodic memory

 J.L. Arcos, R. Lopez de Mantaras (1997); Perspectives: A declarative bias mechanism for case retrieval. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Springer, Vol. 1266, pp. 279-290. [Gzipped PS document]

 Ph.D.s on CBR

 Eva Armengol (1997) A Framework for Integrated Learning and Problem Solving. Advisor: Enric Plaza.

 Josep Lluís Arcos (1997), The Noos Representation Language. Advisor: Enric Plaza.

These PhDs monographs are published in the Monografies de l'IIIA and can be purchased.


 CBR and Computer Music

 SaxEx: a system to express the blues

 J. L. Arcos, R. López de Màntaras, X. Serra (1998); SaxEx: A Case-Based Reasoning System for Generating Expressive Musical Performances, Journal of New Music Research, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 194-210.

 J.Ll. Arcos, R. López de Mántaras, X. Serra (1997), SaxEx : a case-based reasoning system for generating expressive musical performances. Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference ICMC'97. [Gzipped PS document]

 GYMEL: a system to harmonize

 J. Sabater, J.L. Arcos, R. Lopez de Mantaras (1998); Using Rules to support Case-Based Reasoning for harmonizing melodies. IIIA Research Report 98-01. 1998 AAAI Spring Symposium Multimodal Reasoning, Stanford University, California, USA, 23-25 March 1998, pp. 147-151. [Gzipped PS document]

 J. L. Arcos, D. Cañamero, R. López de Mántaras (1999); Affect-Driven CBR to generate expressive music via imitation of human performances. 3d International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, Munich, Alemania, August 27-30, 1999. [Gzipped PS document].


  Coperation among CBR Agents

 E. Plaza, J.L. Arcos, F. Martín (1997); Cooperative Case-Based Reasoning. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Springer, Vol. 1221, pp.180-201. [Gzipped PDF document]

 M.V. Nagendra Prased, E. Plaza (1996); Corporate Memories as Distributed Case Libraries. Proceedings of the 10th Banff Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-based Systems Workshop. Banff, Canadá. Vol 2, pp. 40: 1-19. [Gzipped PDF document]

  Medical Applications of CBR

 B. López, E. Plaza(1997); Case-based learning of plans and goal states in medical diagnosis. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Elsevier, Vol. 9, pp. 29-60. [Compressed PS document]

 B. López, E. Plaza (1993); Case-based planning for medical diagnosis Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Springer, 689, pp. 96-105.

 B. López, E. Plaza (1991); Case-based Learning of Strategic Knowledge. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Springer, 482, pp. 398-411.

 Eva Armengol, Albert Palaudàries, Enric Plaza (2000), Individual Prognosis of Diabetes Long-Term Risks: A CBR Approach. Methods of Information in Medicine Journal, Vol. 5.

 CBR and Fuzzy Logic

 E. Plaza, F. Esteva, P. García, L. Godo, R. López de Màntaras (1998); A logical Approach to Case-Based Reasoning Using Fuzzy Similarity Relations. Journal of Information Sciences (Elsevier).Vol. 106, pp. 105-122. [Gzipped PDF document]

 D. Dubois, F. Esteva, P. Garcia, L. Godo, R. López de Màntaras, H.Prade. (in Press) Case-Based Reasoning: A Fuzzy Approach. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence1566 (Anca L. Ralescu ed.).[Gzipped PDF document]

 P. P. Bonissone, R. López de Màntaras (1998); Case-based reasoning. Handbook of Fuzzy Computation (E. H. Ruspini, P. P. Bonissone, Wiltold Pedrycz. eds), Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol and Philadelphia, pp. F4.3:1-F4.3:17.

 Case-based Decision Making

 D. Dubois, F. Esteva, P. Garcia, L. Godo, R. López de Mántaras, H. Prade (1997); Fuzzy modelling of case-based reasoning and decision. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Proceedings ICCBR´97. Springer, vol. 1266, pp. 599-610. [PS document]

 D. Dubois, H. Prade, F. Esteva, P. Garcia, L. Godo, R. López de Màntaras (1998); Fuzzy Set Modelling in Case-based Reasoning. International Journal of Intelligent Systems, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Vol. 13, pp. 345-373.

 L.Godo, A. Zapico (1998); Cased-Based decision: a Characterization of Preferences in a Qualitative Setting. Proceedings of the "VIII Congreso Español sobre Tecnologías y Lógica Fuzzy", Pamplona, Spain, September 8-10, pp. 405-412.

 D. Dubois, F. Esteva, P. García, Ll. Godo, R. López de Mántaras , H. Prade (1997); Fuzzy Rule-Based Models for Case-Based Reasoning. Proceedings 5th. European Congress on Intelligent Techniques and Soft Computing (EUFIT´97). Aachen, Germany, pp. 923-927.


  Integrated and Embedded CBR

 E. Armengol, E. Plaza (1995); Integrating induction in a Case-based Reasoner. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Springer. num. 984, pp. 3-17. [Web document]

 E. Armengol, E, Plaza (1994); A Knowledge Level Model of Knowledge -Based Reasoning. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Springer, 837, pp.53-64.

 E. Plaza, A Aamodt, A. Ram, W. van de Velde, M. van Someren (1993); Integrated Learning Architectures. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Springer, 667, pp. 429-441.

 E. Plaza, J.L. Arcos (1993); Reflection and Analogy in Memory-based Learning. (R.S. Michalski, G. Tecuci, Eds.) MSL-93 Second International Workshop on Multistrategy Learning. George Mason Univ., Harpers Ferry, pp. 42-49.

 E. Plaza, J.L. Arcos (1993); A Reflective Architecture for Integrated Memory-based Learning and Reasoning. EWCBR-93: First European Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning. University of Kaiserslautern, pp. 329-334.

 E. Plaza (1992); Reflection for Analogy. (A. Yonezawa and B.C. Smith, Eds.) IMSA-92: Reflection and Meta-Level Architectures. Proceedings of International Workshop on New Models for Software Architecture. Tokyo, pp. 166-171.


  Methodologies for CBR

 E. Plaza, J.-L. Arcos (2000), Towards a software architecture for case-based reasoning systems, Foundations of Intelligent Systems, 12th International Symposium, ISMIS 2000. Ras, Z. W. and Ohsuga, S., (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science V. 1932. (Previous draft available online)



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