Constructive Adaptation

A Search-based Approach to Reuse in CBR

Enric Plaza and Josep-Lluís Arcos


Constructive adaptation is a search-based technique for generative reuse in CBR systems for configuration tasks. We discuss the relation of constructive adaptation (CA) with other reuse approaches and we define CA as a search process in the space of solutions where cases are used in two main phases: hypotheses generation and hypotheses ordering. Later, three different CBR systems using CA for reuse are analyzed: configuring gas treatment plants, generating expressive musical phrases, and configuring component-based software applications. After the three analyses, constructive adaptation is discussed in detail and some conclusions are drawn to close the paper.

Available online [PDF]

Published in S. Craw and A. Preece (Eds.), Advances in Case-Based Reasoning. Proc. 6th ECCBR 2002, Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence 2416, p. 306-320. Springer Verlag, 2002.

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