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This is the homepage for all work related to Case-based Reasoning (CBR) performed on the Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial (IIIA).

  Introducing CBR

 Case-Based Reasoning: Foundational Issues, Methodological Variations, and System Approaches Published in A. Aamodt, E. Plaza (1994); AICom - Artificial Intelligence Communications, IOS Press, Vol. 7: 1, pp. 39-59.

 Knowledge Representation and Inference for CBR

 The Noos representation language

 The Noos Homepage

 The Noos Online Book

 CBR and Multi-agent Systems

 The Plural platform for developing Multi-agent Systems

 Cooperative CBR: Cooperation modes among CBR agents

 CBR Methodology

  ABC A Software Architecture for CBR systems development

  Constructive Adaptation: A Search-based Approach to Reuse in CBR

  CAT-CBR: A component-based platform for CBR systems design and development

  Design Patterns for CBR systems design (Disclaimer: it's a "living" document [PS file, DVI file with hyperlinks])

 CBR Applications

 CBR and Computer Music

 TempoExpress, a Case-Based Reasoning System for Expressivity-aware Tempo Transformations

 Saxex, a Case-Based Reasoning system for generating expressive performances

 GYMEL: case-based automatic harmonization combined with background musical knowledge

 CBR for chromatography analysis: CHROMA

 CBR for risks assessment and therapy in diabetic patients

 CBR Publications and Reports


Information about world wide CBR developments:

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