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A Logical Approach to Case-Based Reasoning Using Fuzzy Similarity Relations

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Enric Plaza F. Esteva, P. Garcia, L. Godo, R. López de Màntaras


This article approaches the formalization of inference in Case-based Reasoning (CBR) systems. CBR systems infer solutions of new problems on the basis of a precedent case that is, to some extent, similar to the current problem. Using the logics developed for similarity-based inference we characterize CBR systems defining what we call the Precedent-based Plausible Reasoning PPR model. This model is based on the graded consequence relations named approximation entailment and proximity entailment. A modal interpretation is provided for the precedent-based inference where the plausibility is given by the graded possibility operator Diamond alfa. The PPR model shows that both knowledge-intensive CBR systems and nearest neighbor algorithms share a common core formalism and that their difference is on whether or not (respectively) they use a general theory in addition to the precedent cases.

Bias in CBR Systems

In preparation

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21 Oct 1996