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To appear in Future Generation Computer Systems (1996)

Inference and reflection in the object-centered representation language Noos

Josep-Lluis Arcos ---- Enric Plaza

IIIA - Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
CSIC - Spanish Council for Scientific Research
08193 Bellaterra, Catalonia (Spain) ----

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This paper explains the inference and reflection capabilities of NOOS, an object-centered representation language designed to integrate problem solving and learning. Problem solving and learning in NOOS are modelled by means of concepts, tasks, methods and metalevels. Metalevels allow NOOS to reason about own problem solving. Using metalevels, NOOS can reason about preferences in order to make decisions about sets of alternatives present in domain knowledge and problem solving knowledge. Reflection in NOOS is provided by inference processes that involve metalevels. Basic reflective capabilities include reasoning about alternative methods to solve a task, reasoning about what is known by the system itself, and reasoning about the existence of solutions. A formal model of NOOS inference using Descriptive Dynamic Logic is also presented.

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