IIIA earth Agents
Cooperation, Negotiation and Learning among Agents
"Communication and Learning in a Wide World"

This is what is going on at the IIIA on intelligent agents involved in problem solving, learning, communication, cooperation and negotiation:

Dialogic Frameworks
We are currently developing dialogical frameworks as a formal account of structured agent interaction involving both artificial intelligence agents and human agents. One such dialogical framework for bidding auctions is the fishmarket framework. A current implementation of the fishmarket framework has been developed using PVM.

Federated Learning
Research on cooperation among agents that learn under the federated learning framework is under way. One such framework is the federated peer learning framework. Current research is focused on cooperation among case-based reasoning (CBR) agents that learn from experience and improve by means to their cooperation.

Virtual Space Agents
Research on intelligent software agents that push relevant information to the participants of a conference is the goal of the COMRIS Project. Co-Habited Mixed-Reality Information Spaces is a project within the Esprit Long Term Research initiative on Intelligent Information Interfaces (I3), schema of Inhabited Information Spaces.

NoosWeb is a WWW interface to Artificial Intelligence systems developed using the Noos representation language. NoosWeb provides a session-oriented user interaction with an AI system, supporting stateful interaction on top of the stateless HTTP protocol.

Visit the NoosWeb Demo

Jim - a Java Interagent for Multi-Agent Systems
Jim is a general purpose interagent capable of providing agents with a highly versatile range of programmable ---before and during the agent's run-time---- communication and coordination services.