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Coordination Services


Interagents offer the coordination level required by agents to cooperate in non-trivial ways. An interagent allows interdependencies between agents' communicative acts to be ordered. These interdependencies can be defined declaratively inside each interagent by means of a conversation protocol. A conversation protocol represents the conventions adopted by agents when interacting through the exchange of messages. A conversation protocol can also be seen as a an agent's plan to achieve some goal[6]. We model and implement conversation protocols as a special type of pushdown automaton. Pushdown automata, unlike finite state machines, allow context to be stored and to be subsequently retrieved for an ongoing conversation.

Conceptually, we have decomposed a conversation protocol into (see Figure 2):



Figure: Conversation protocol for the foreign evaluation capability of Plural [12]. The conversation protocol followed by Plural agents during a foreign evaluation is modelled and implemented in an interagent as a pushdown automaton tex2html_wrap630 such that: tex2html_wrap631 . Messages followed by / stand for performatives sent by the interagent's user, whilst messages preceded by / stand for performatives received by the interagent's user.

Formally, a conversation protocol, like a pushdown automaton [4], is a 7-tuple :



Messages queued by interagents can queue-jump only if they produce a transition in the conversation protocol. Therefore, in certain way interagents constrain what an agent can utter and hear, and when. For instance, Figure 2 shows instantiation c-87 of a conversation held by agents A and B. The following transition:


indicates in such conversation protocol that when:

then the following move


takes place in the finite state control. As a result, conversation c-87 switches to state tex2html_wrap644 , the corresponding message is extracted from the input list and forwarded to the corresponding addressee, and the message on the top of the pushdown list is popped out.

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