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Buffer for delayed utterances

This component stores the utterances that have been sent by the customer specifying a lapse of time (using the delay header of the IAP protocol) before they are actually transmitted. When such lapse of time expires, they are automatically transferred to the buffer for outgoing utterances.

Observe that the architecture of JIM presents up to four different façades: owner, customer, society and web façades. Each façade represents a different entry for each type of agent requesting the services provided by JIM. The services provided through each façade differ. For instance, only the owner façade allows an agent to upgrade the CP repository. The web façade simply provides access to World-Wide Web resources. For instance, this façade allows a human agent to interact with the JIM's customer through a standard WWW browser. Each façade is built on top of a different instance of the SHIP protocol. In JIM a chain of responsibility is established through the different protocol layers that conform the SHIP instance of each façade. That is to say, each layer is responsible for managing some of the services provided by JIM.

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