Project Emporium 

(A TMR Proposal) 


Research objectives and content

Emporium will explore how to design new electronic market places and tools for the emerging Information Society. 

Its focus is on multi agent systems, specially the study and modelling of agent-mediated interactions that satisfy explicit accountability requirements (related to security, fairness, privacy, liability and the like). Such accountable interactions are fundamental to induce trustworthy network-based electronic marketplaces and practices. 
The research will result in three types of products:  The project includes training, basic research, software development and technology transfer that go from the identification of market needs to actual deployment of prototypes. These activities are structured into 42 tasks with specific objectives and deliverables. All tasks involve at least two of the seven Emporium partners which are all leading groups in complementary specialities. 

Semestral workshops allow for review, update and diffusion of network activities with the participation of invited authorities, business associates and distinguished specialists. 

Training content

Emporium will train young scientists in the emerging field of electronic markets and their enabling agent-based technologies:  Training is organised around well-defined threads of tasks through which trainees will visit working teams in each speciality which will provide them with tutoring, specialised instruction and intensive research and development practice. Trainees will also participate in the projectÕs semestral workshops. 



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