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IIIA - Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial
CSIC - Spanish Scientific Research Council
Campus UAB, 08193 Bellaterra, Catalonia, KoS, EU.
Vox: +34-93-580 95 70
Fax: +34-93-580 96 61
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Research topics

Online Papers

Scientific Papers and Publications



CBR Introduction (PPS format)

Cooperation and learning in intelligent multiagent systems (Draft) [PPS format]

Context-aware personal information agents [PPS format]

Alba: A cognitive assistant for alert triage in computer networks [PDF]


Ongoing projects

SAMAP: Multi-Agent Context-Sensitive Adaptive Planning System. Project IBROW: Intelligent Broker for Knowledge Components on the Web.
e-Institutor: Automatic trade by Intelligent Autonomous agents in electronic Institutions.
Tabasco: Content-based Audio Transformation using CBR

Some Past Projects

Project COMRIS: Cohabited Mixed Reality System.
Project SMASH: Multiagent Systems for Hospital Services.
Project ANALOG: Integrated learning and problem solving systems
VALID: Expert system verification and validation

I've been organizing with some friends a few conferences of interest such as ECML2000 ICCBR-97 and EKAW-97.

I'm a member of ACIA, the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence, and I formely was ACIA's Chairperson.


Catalan Localization for Safari 1.2: CatalanSafari-1.2.dmg.zip

Catalan localization of SubEthaEdit (formerly Hydra) Internet-aware editor


Some photoshoots I've made are online:

Some old photoshoots (before the digital age!) are:

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November 11, 2004